So you've probably heard that "X-Men: Apocalypse" stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Olivia Munn and friends did a Live Read of "The Big Lebowski" on Friday night during the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. But have you actually heard any of it? The photos online are great, but the audio really ties the room together.

Thankfully, someone posted a portion of the event online -- you can't see a blessed thing, but you can hear the portion of the reading right after Olivia Munn, who was meant to voice Tara Reid's Bunny, steps on Jennifer Lawrence's lines. Apparently Olivia's script was highlighted with the Maude lines, even though that's the part Jennifer was meant to read on stage. (It was Julianne Moore's role in the movie.) In this 6-minute video, you can hear Jennifer mock-complain, "I've been waiting for three hours to get to my part, and now it's happening, and it's all falling to sh-t!" Jen's voice comes through loud and clear; if only everyone were that clear. You can hear Patton Oswalt, who played Walter, joke about Michael Fassbender going "a little too Method" to play The Dude. MTV chronicled some of that Method smoking in their report from the show:

The cast was incredibly energetic and the crowd responded with endless cheers for Mike Judge's spot on Sam Elliot impression, with a tiny touch of Hank Hill twang. So good. Fassbender carried the read with his charm and talent... continuously lighting 'cigarettes' on stage — fully engrossed in character, while Jennifer Lawrence sat quietly beside him rolling these stage cigarettes. Gotta love the Magneto and Mystique connection."

Here are two photos from the show, just to give you a feel:

What a blast! #jflmtl @cfccreates @telefilm_

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Unlike Donny, they were in their element. They should take this show on the road!

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