Yesterday, the Internet grabbed torches and pitchforks over new 007 author Anthony Horowitz's comments about Idris Elba as a potential James Bond. In particular, his opinion that Elba was "a bit too 'street' for Bond" rubbed many fans the wrong way. The author apologized and clarified what he was asked in the interview and intended with his response.

The actor himself was quiet for most of the day, while his name trended on Twitter, but he eventually shared a screen shot of Moviefone's article, with his own positive (but cheeky) response:

Good for him for staying positive -- especially since, after the outpouring of fan support, he probably has an even stronger chance of being cast as Bond. Maybe he wasn't sure how people felt about the idea before, but the verdict is now in: He can shake and stir us anytime.

One fan not only wants Idris Elba as Bond, she wants to play his Bond villain, and that fan is the one and only Jessica Chastain:

Perfect. Done and done. Whenever Daniel Craig retires, the next group's casting is already complete. (Side note: Remember all the complaints about "rough," "gritty," "ugly" Daniel Craig when he was cast as the first "blond Bond"? He wasn't considered suave enough either, at first.)

How do you feel about Idris Elba as a future Bond, and Jessica Chastain as a Bond villain?

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