BBC America's "Luther" Screening - Red CarpetHere's some juicy casting news: According to a new report, the long-gestating (and long-troubled) big screen adaptation of Luther," and the much buzzed-about rumor that he could be tapped as the next James Bond. And his acting chops in both action and drama certainly would lend themselves well to the meaty role of Roland. Would he be willing to spend so much time on one project, or is he better off seeking other opportunities in the years that it would no doubt take to bring "The Dark Tower" to life?

According to TheWrap, Elba is currently in "early talks" for the part, and McConaughey's rumored involvement seems to have played a large part in that. The trade notes that "the two actors are keen to work together," and Elba reportedly passed on starring in Universal's "The Mummy" reboot (which may or may not feature Tom Cruise) because he "was waiting for McConaughey's talks to progress before entertaining the idea" of joining "The Dark Tower."

Of course, McConaughey's involvement has yet to be confirmed by the actor himself, and "early talks" don't always amount to much in Hollywood. It would be safe to wait until someone at Sony says something on the record before we get our hopes up about this collaboration, but still, we think Elba (and McConaughey) would be awesome in this role. Stay tuned.

[via: Deadline, TheWrap]

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