love actually, emma thompson, alan rickman, karen, harry"Love Actually" has the distinction of being both one of our favorite rom-coms and one of our favorite holiday movies, though for every smile-inducing, heartwarming plotline, there are a few bummers, too. One of those centered around Emma Thompson's character, Karen, who realized that her husband, Harry (Alan Rickman), was cheating on her with his hot new assistant. But what happened to Karen and Harry after the credits rolled?

Now, fans have some clarity about the ambiguous fate of the fictional married couple, who appeared to still be together at the film's end, despite Karen's devastating discovery. Emma Freud, who served as the flick's script editor (and is also married to its director, Richard Curtis), live-tweeted a screening of "Love Actually" earlier this week, and revealed a bunch of behind-the-scenes info about the movie, including the state of Karen and Harry's union.

First, Freud confirmed that yes, Harry did indeed cheat on Karen, instead of just simply carrying on a flirtation (albeit one that involved an expensive gold necklace) with his assistant. And then, the editor clarified that the couple remained married, writing, "they stay together but home isn't as happy as it once was."

Though that seems a bit obvious from the way the flick ended, we can understand why fans may have imagined that Karen kicked Harry to the curb. And we can't help but wish for something better for Karen -- like, say, running off with Liam Neeson's character instead. Claudia Schiffer's cameo may have been clever, but we bet those besties would have made a great couple. If only.

[via: Emma Freud]