No one just dies anymore. Is that a good thing? "Homeland," but the Season 5 finale definitely hinted -- heavily -- to his death. He even had a powerful farewell letter to Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes).

But not so fast, 'cause Showtime executives just confused us further with comments that hint to Quinn's story perhaps continuing into Season 6.

At the Television Critics Association winter press event, Showtime President and CEO David Nevins said "Homeland" Season 6 will be both set and shot in New York City. TV Guide noted that neither Nevins nor Showtime President of Programming Gary Levine would confirm whether Quinn was dead or alive, but Levine offered this tease:

"In terms of reality, Quinn is severely damaged. There's no question about it. The life-or-death question remains, but if he should live, it will not be in any way shape or form the way he has lived to date."

He said "is" as if Quinn is not understood to be dead. Wouldn't he have been more clear-cut about it if Quinn were gone? Then again, do we want Quinn to be in a situation like Khal Drogo in "Game of Thrones," where he's technically alive but really just existing? If Quinn recovers more than that -- after suffering a serious brain hemorrhage -- would it be realistic or feel like a cheap trick just to keep him on the show? Does it matter to you, as long as Quinn is around? A lot of fans threatened to stop watching without Quinn, so maybe this is what the show needs to stay alive itself.

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