Oh, "The Tonight Show." First, Jimmy Fallon helped shave off Brolin's "'70s porn stache" for a movie he just finished. Then, a clean-shaven Josh joined Jimmy and Kate McKinnon for a round of "First Impressions." In the game, the trio were each assigned celebrities to impersonate on the spot, and the others had to guess the celebs.

Josh started with a truly lame Regis Philbin impression, followed by Kate's meh Christopher Walken impression. Then Jimmy got Mike Tyson, which seemed tough, but he nailed it.

After that, Josh was given Kim Kardashian, and that's when things got weird. He started looking around for props ("I need something big") and picked up a box of Kleenex and put it on his butt. "Imagine this is in my pants." (!) He paced around with that box on his butt, then repeated, in his own normal voice, "I could play checkers for hours and never get bored." Kate and Jimmy were not guessing it, so Josh flipped his hair as he paced, and Jimmy finally guessed, tentatively, "Kim Kardashian?" Kate thanked Jimmy for guessing right, since she never would've gotten that.

Here are both the shaving and tissue butt Kardashian videos:

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