A post-credits sequence has become a standard feature of superhero movies, and "Deadpool" is no different. But in keeping with the offbeat flick's unconventional approach to the genre, the film will feature not one but two special bonus surprises for fans willing to stay in their seats for a bit longer.

That's the word from the film's screenwriter and the artist behind the original "Deadpool" comic series, who both said on social media this weekend that there was an additional top-secret scene awaiting moviegoers that not even those who attended previous fan and critic screenings had seen so far. Writer Rhett Reese teased on Twitter, "There's a second coda that won't arrive 'til the movie screens in theaters."

And artist Artist Rob Liefeld -- who co-created Deadpool with writer Fabian Niecza in the '90s -- also told fans on the social media site that they should stick around for a double dose of post-credits goodies when the flick hits theaters later this week.

We're dying to know what was so special -- and potentially spoilerific -- that the creatives decided to hold it until the actual release day. The wait is almost over: "Deadpool" drops on Friday, February 12.

[via: Rhett Reese, Rob Liefeld, h/t Entertainment Weekly]