Kit Harington Portrait SessionNo one could possibly be looking forward to "Game of Thrones" Season 6 more than Kit Harington so he can stop answering everyone's constant bloody questions about Jon Snow. Is he dead? Is he really dead? But how dead is he? Is he staying dead? Fans basically stalked Harington through filming for the new season, even more than usual, and pointed out when they saw him on set as evidence that Jon Snow is maybe not SO dead.

Season 6 is starting on April 24, and the cast members, including Harington, are in promotion mode. Harington was just on "The Jonathan Ross Show" and he was asked/forced to do a lie detector test to answer questions on Jon Snow. It wasn't your typical test, though: Harington had to put his arm in the "Stone of Truth" and if Ross didn't like Harington's answer he got an electric shock.

The only acceptable answers were "yes," "no," or "I know nothing."

Here's the conversation:

Here's a mini transcript:

Jonathan Ross: "Are you dead?"

Kit Harington: "Yes." At that point, we hear a buzzing. "It actually gives me a shock!" He said on a scale of 1-10 the shock was a 5, so Ross turned it up and asked the same question. It was still "yes."

Ross: "Can I see your dead face please?"

Harington does his stone face, dead Jon Snow expression.

Ross: "Is there any nudity in the next series?"

Harington: "I know nothing."

Ross: "Are you playing a dead body in the next series."

Harington: "Yes."

Ross: "Do you become a white walker?"

Harington: "No."

Ross: "Do you come back as [couldn't make out the name, someone famous in England, maybe]?"

Harington and the audience laugh. "No."

But he didn't say he wouldn't come back as something other than a dead body. Either way we will see him when HBO premieres "Game of Thrones" Season 6 on Sunday, April 24.

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