Cast of FriendsMatt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry held a mini "Friends" reunion in London over the weekend, making us happier than Joey Tribbiani exploring the world capital with with a giant, pop-up map.

LeBlanc, who's been in the UK a lot recently filming the rebooted version of BBC car series "Top Gear," took in some theater on Sunday, catching Perry in the play "The End of Longing," which is currently running in London's famed West End theater district. (And is the reason why Perry couldn't make it to NBC's James Burrows tribute, at which the rest of the "Friends" gang reunited to reminisce about working with the famed director.) The two caught up after the show and posed for a photo, which LeBlanc shared on Instagram, star raving that "[Perry] and the cast were great."

Of course, "Friends" fans know that LeBlanc and Perry have already hung out in London before: during the epic two-part season four finale in which Ross got hitched in the city, and his pals came along for some fun (and some shenanigans -- "I take thee, Rachel," anyone?). The episode featured Joey and Chandler squabbling over Joey's overly-enthusiastic approach to being a tourist, leading Chandler to bail on his buddy -- and miss out on a big celebrity sighting.

There's no word on whether or not LeBlanc later ran into a former royal and rubbed it in Perry's face, though we can only hope something along those lines occurred. London, baby!

[via: Matt LeBlanc]

Photo credit: Getty Images