It was the look that launched a thousand memes. "Game of Thrones" Season 6, Episode 4, had several memorable moments, including the reunion of two Stark kids. But it was the first meeting of two characters that really set the Internet ablaze, and it all started when Brienne the Beauty rode to Castle Black, and Tormund Giantsbane -- who often boasted of bedding a she-bear -- got a look at his new crush:

Yeah, baby! At the end of the episode, the erotic tension escalated over dinner, with Tormund bringing his A-game to this flirty look:

Dim the lights. It's on. And the Internet gulped it down like that soup Sansa ever-so-politely complimented. Twitter was created to react to random moments like this, and it did not disappoint. There's already even fan art.

Tormund x Brienne by curicolors on DeviantArt

Yes. Do they have a special shipper name yet, like "Caryl" for Carol and Daryl on "The Walking Dead," or are Brienne and Tormund beyond all that? Whatever we call them, their watch has not ended.

[via: Dorkly, MTV]

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