Like many an addicting series, the first season of Stranger Things" left fans wondering about the fate of multiple characters. Fortunately, the Duffer Brothers, Matt and Ross, aren't keeping fans completely in the dark: They recently shared some hints during an interview with IGN. (*Warning: Spoilers ahead.*)

As creators, writers, and directors of the series, the Duffer Brothers have obviously given the future of their characters a lot of thought, even with Season 2 still unconfirmed. The brothers opened up about whether Barb (played by Shannon Purser) is actually dead, and if the evil Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) survived his monster attack. It turns out that one of the two is likely gone for good, while the other will get a new lease on life -- at least for a while.

"I can't see it happening," Matt Duffer told IGN about Barb returning from the dead. "But Barb will not be forgotten. We'll make sure there's some justice for Barb. ... Part of what we want to do with hypothetical Season 2 is to explore the repercussions of everything that happened."

Meanwhile, Brenner didn't die on-screen last season, and that's for a reason. Basically, it sounds like if the Duffer Brothers do kill off the villain, you can expect to see it happen on-camera.

"As an audience member watching the show, if that was his death, that would be very unsatisfying to me – when the monster jumps on him and we cut away," said Matt. "He would deserve much more than that as an ending. So yes, there's a possibility of seeing him again."

Now, if Netflix could hurry up and confirm "Stranger Things" Season 2, we'd feel much better about that possibility.

[via: IGN]