Guys, Barb is pissed. Why didn't anyone care about her disappearance on "Stranger Things"? She came back for revenge in a hilarious "deleted scene" shown on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

The young actors from the Netflix series -- Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin — were guests on the show and in the sketch, along with host Jimmy Fallon as Steve Harrington, and head writer A.D. Miles as Barb.

On "Stranger Things," Barb (Shannon Purser) developed her own cult fan base, with fans wondering why no one other than Nancy (Natalia Dyer) seemed to care that she went missing.

So here's the "exclusive deleted scene" showing Barb's return to confront the D&D playing friends:

"Hey, guys. Um. What the f*ck? You forget about something? You forget about old Barb? Nancy's friend? Sitting' on the diving board. Trapped in the f*cking Upside Down for the past two months? Let's review, shall we? There were two people down there and you rescued one of them." (She flashes the bird to show the one left.) "Do the math, a**holes. ... Screw Nancy too, by the way. She's supposed to be my BFF, well I guess BFF stands for Big F*cking 'Fony.' ... Nobody even cares that I was missing! No search party for Barb, no fake corpse stuffed with cotton for Barb!"

She said she won't be on the newly announced "Stranger Things" Season 2 because she's getting her own Netflix spinoff: "Orange Is the New B*tch." Classic.

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