Arizona's back! Jessica Capshaw's character graces "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 for the first time this week in Episode 3, "I Ain't No Miracle Worker." The poor thing is returning just in time to get caught up in the drama between Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti).

We already know Arizona is getting a love interest this season ... eventually. The actress teased to TVLine, "My sources are telling me that it's not going to be too far away," and she confirmed that her romance will be with "a new person" rather than an existing character.

In the meantime, Arizona has enough going on with her existing platonic relationships -- specifically Alex and DeLuca. She's close to both guys, so how will she react to their blowout (over the stupidest misunderstanding)?

TVLine noted that the Episode 3 promo (see below) confirmed that Arizona is pissed at Alex for assaulting DeLuca, then asked Capshaw if there's more going on than just looking out for her roommate. Here's her answer:

"It's funny, when I read the scripts that I wasn't in, I felt like I wanted to know what Arizona was doing [when the fight went down]. Outside of Callie, Arizona has been closest to Alex. So I was kind of wondering if Alex would [reach out] to her. We find out in the episode that she heard what happened [while in NY], but she has no idea just how bad it is [until] she returns to work. And, when she sees just how bad it is, it really fires her up. And it worries her. Because anyone who can do something like that needs some help. Needs some assistance. [Laughs]"

TVLine: Does she feel caught in the middle?

She gets to sort of ride the middle. There's an understanding that she might be able to both be upset at Alex and sad for Andrew.

So it sounds like she's not going to pick a side, unlike some people. (*cough*Meredith*cough*)

Capshaw also talked to Entertainment Weekly about what's ahead:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Arizona comes back to hospital in the midst of a lot of drama. How does she feel about what happened between DeLuca and Alex?

JESSICA CAPSHAW: I think ultimately — and why it's such a great story — is that everyone feels conflicted. That's the best part: There's nothing conflicting about someone being hurt, so everyone feels for DeLuca because there's nothing to not feel for. But at the same time, for such a beloved character with such a complicated history and tone to him, for Alex to be the one who assaulted him is just so heartbreaking, because you know him, so you know it was a mistake. Of course that causes friction and creates the drama. That's what Arizona feels at the beginning — her love of Karev, their friendship, their professional relationship and having helped him at the beginning, and then her compassion and how she feels for Andrew, it's her roommate, and just caring that he was so badly hurt.

Here's the synopsis for the Thursday, October 6 episode:

"I Ain't No Miracle Worker" - A car crash at a funeral brings a bickering family into the hospital. Back from New York, Arizona ends up caught between Alex and Andrew. While Ben takes on a new parenting role, Amelia helps Meredith and Maggie through a problem, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network.

And here's the promo:

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