Because trapping Enid in a closet for six months wasn't enough torture? "The Walking Dead" Season 7 has been pretty bleak, and there's a "spoiler" flying around that things get especially dark for Enid in this Sunday's November 20 Episode 5, "Go Getters." However, The Spoiling Dead Fans, the most trustworthy place for (unauthorized) advance intel, shot down that "spoiler" as false. Let's hope they're right.

Here's what TSDF wrote in defense of the episode "Go Getters":

"Quick Note:

There is a spoiler from another site that is spreading like wildfire about Enid getting raped in this week's episode. Understandably, this has upset a lot of people in the fandom. We have confirmed with our own sources that Enid is not raped, nor is there any implication that she is raped offscreen. Episode 7.5 will not be some miserable torture porn. We just wanted to clarify this information because we have been getting slammed with questions about this. Also, apparently Scott Gimple and others are getting flooded with hate on social media. Ease up, buttercups! Let's not bash the guy over something that doesn't even happen!!"

The cast and crew are pretty anti-spoiler, and they have called out TSDF for spreading spoilers from the set, but here's the site now standing up for the AMC show and asking fans to give them showrunner Scott M. Gimple a break. It doesn't sound like they have seen the episode yet, but their sources tend to be correct.

The last thing TWD needs is to add the rape of a minor to an already downer of a season, and they probably know that. Plus, the character of Negan is anti-rape (he's pro manipulation and coercion, though) and wouldn't put up with anything like that.

Episode 5 is meant to take us to Hilltop, under Gregory's rule, with a visit from Negan's right-hand-man, Simon. Gregory is just pro-Gregory, and anti-anything that could jeopardize Gregory's leadership. We'll finally catch up to Maggie and Sasha this week, with Jesus around as a helpful ally, and we're hoping they can get through this episode without any added trauma.

Here's the "Go Getters" promo:"The Walking Dead" Season 7 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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