MoMA's The Contenders Screening of DEADPOOL With Ryan ReynoldsAny hope of "Deadpool" winning an Oscar was crushed Tuesday when nominations were announced and the film came up empty-handed.

In spite of the disappointing news, star Ryan Reynolds seems unfazed. The actor reacted with a joke on Twitter, making it clear he'd taken the snub in stride. On top of that, he graciously congratulated all of those who did earn nods.

Both Reynolds and "Deadpool" itself were considered long shots to be nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Picture, but there was some hope that they'd pop up among the contenders. Nonetheless, Reynolds appeared to be keeping his expectations in check throughout awards season.

"I've always said that I wish the Oscars had a category for comedy as well," Reynolds told Entertainment Weekly in December. "It's not an easy job. Oftentimes with comedies you have to have some pathos and real grit that in turn earns you the right to subvert expectations and be funny."

He likely wasn't surprised by the snub, but it's still nice he has a tickle-fight to look forward to.

Here's the full list of nominees. The Oscars will be awarded in a live ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 26 on ABC.

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