Michael Bay is putting away his giant robots.

The director announced via a letter on his website that "Transformers: The Last Knight" will be his last movie in the franchise. He has said this before, but now he really means it. Probably.

"It's bittersweet for me. With every 'Transformers' film, I've said it would be my last," he wrote. "I see the 120 million fans around the world who see these movies, the huge theme park lines to the ride and the amazing Make- A-Wish kids who visit my sets, and it somehow keeps drawing me back. I love doing these movies. This film was especially fun to shoot. But, this time might really be it. So I'm blowing this one out."

Bay can't help himself and leaves himself a way back in ("might really be it"). Still, he noted that the "Transformers" franchise will be taken over by a writers room. These scribes will create interlinking movies that expand the "Transformers" universe.

As for Bay, well, he'll still be Bay. He'll just take his love of explosions, car chases, and fireballs to new stories.

"The Last Knight" opens in theaters June 23.