jimmy kimmel, morgan freeman, oscars, oscars 2017, promoThe Oscars are one of the most-watched events on television every year, reaching millions of viewers across the globe, and with all of that attention comes a lot of pressure, both to please the folks watching at home, as well as the A-listers attending the show. And this year's host of the telecast, Jimmy Kimmel, is certainly feeling the heat in a new promo for the awards show.

In the clip, shared by the Academy on its official Twitter account, Kimmel is getting ready for his big gig as Oscar winner Morgan Freeman narrates what's meant to be an empowering pep talk. But things quickly go off the rails, as Freeman predicts that the host has "an opportunity to be the toast of the town -- or a chance to bomb so fantastically, everywhere he goes, people will say, 'Look at Sucky Sucko.'"

There have been plenty of examples of emcees failing to connect with audiences over the years, though based on Kimmel's well-reviewed Emmys hosting stint last fall (which reportedly snagged him the Oscars job), we have a feeling he'll do just fine come Oscar Sunday. And even if he doesn't, at least he got to hear Morgan Freeman call him "Sucky Sucko," which must have been a delightful (if slightly demoralizing) experience.

The Oscars are set for February 26 on ABC.

[via: The Academy/Twitter]