People always want to know who would win in a fight: X or Y. Emma Watson isn't usually the type to weigh in on that sort of thing, but the world's most adorable children sent videotaped questions to Watson via Entertainment Weekly, and a 5-year-old boy asked her about Harry Potter vs. Darth Vader. Because of course! So she answered. And her answer would definitely make J.K. Rowling proud.

Watson was asked a lot of good questions, some about her new film, "Beauty and the Beast" and the character of Belle, but others about "Harry Potter" and her role as Hermione. And, for whatever reason, she was also asked about Vader. Maybe that's a sign that she'll be in "Star Wars: Episode IX." (Make it happen, Disney!)

Actually, the reason is a super-cute kid named Jacob, who didn't just ask who'd win in a fight -- Darth Vader or Harry Potter -- he also did a funky little dance move when he was done. (As Emma says at the start of the Q&A video, "Where'd you get these kids? They're all so cute. This is craziness.")

So here's her thoughtful answer to the Potter vs. Vader question:

"Harry Potter versus Darth Vader? Harry Potter. Definitely. Obviously. You're only going to get so far in life when you're cold and dry and mean. You're not going to win in the end. You'll do fine, but you're not going to win in the end."

Preach it, Hermione.

Watch the full Q&A:

"Beauty and the Beast" will be released in theaters March 17.

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