UPDATE: Matt Reeves is back in! A few days after this report, Warner Bros. officially settled on Reeves as director for "The Batman." "The search is over, you were with me all the whiiiile."

Original post:

Another one bites the dust!

Directing "The Batman" is turning into the Defense Against the Dark Arts post (even more than "The Flash" movie). Just call Tom Riddle, already. Ben Affleck was supposed to direct the solo movie starring his DC Comics character, but then he dropped out. Exactly one week ago, Matt Reeves was named the new director, or at least in "talks." But those talks have broken down, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

However, they added this intriguing note:

"The possibility, however, exists that talks could resume when heads cool. The studio is intent on making the movie no matter what as the Batman franchise has proven to bigger than one person."

Heads cool? Was there a spat? Can someone MacGyver a webcam into these meetings? They sound more interesting than the movie itself at this point.

The Contenders Presented By DeadlineWhen Reeves was first mentioned to be in talks to direct "The Batman," THR said other directors remained in the wings, including Ridley Scott and "Don't Breathe" director Fede Alvarez. So maybe one of them will jump on board.

THR said Reeves is currently busy with post-production on "War for the Planet of the Apes," so stress from that could be a factor. As Collider added, it's possible Warner Bros. wants to start production on "The Batman" right away and Reeves wanted more time. Or maybe he wanted more money. Or more script control. Or all of the above. It's not clear.

What is clear is that "The Batman" is a work in progress, and we're curious to see what Warner Bros. has to say when the studio announces the official director and official production start date for this movie.

Affleck's Batman will be seen again soon, in "Justice League," which will be released November 17.

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