Comic-Con International 2016 - 'The Vampire Diaries' PanelVampires and TV have one interesting thing in common: They have the potential to live forever.

That TV shows don't die anymore was a point "Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder made after a recent press screening of the second-to-last hour of the series, EW reports. He and co-star Paul Wesley had been asked whether they'd consider reprising their roles as brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore in the future, and while they didn't rule out the possibility entirely, their answers were not encouraging.

"I think I'm closing the chapter," Wesley said.

Somerhalder piggybacked on that statement, saying, "I think it's good to close this chapter. There's something beautiful about closure." In fact, he even joked that he might be living in Wyoming and no longer acting in 10 years. Why not, right?

For his part, Wesley liked the idea of rebooting the series when they're "old as s--t." He said it as a joke, but honestly, you never know what will happen down the road. Who would have thought "Full House" would come back decades later?

Whether this is goodbye for good or just for now, we'll always have Mystic Falls.

[via: EW]

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