Big Bang Theory"The Big Bang Theory" is rewinding the clock to tell the origin story of Sheldon Cooper.

CBS has formally ordered the series "Young Sheldon," a prequel to its hit comedy. The project, from creators Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro, has already cast Iain Armitage ("Big Little Lies") in the title role, which is played by Jim Parsons in the original "Big Bang Theory." Zoe Perry will play Sheldon's mother, originally played by Perry's own mother, Laurie Metcalf.

Since CBS has ordered the show straight to series, there is no need for a pilot. The network also released an official description: The show will revolve around a 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper as he lives with his family in East Texas and goes to high school. T

Lance Barber, Reagan Revord and Montana Jordan have also joined the cast. Barber is reportedly playing Sheldon's father, Revord his twin sister, and Jordan his older brother. Parsons is set to narrate as the adult Sheldon.

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