89th Annual Academy Awards - ShowObviously, Ryan Gosling won the 2017 Oscar for Best Reaction to That Hot Mess. While everyone else lost their poop through the "La La Land"/"Moonlight" Best Picture snafu, Gosling just stood on stage with the "La La Land" crowd and giggled:

He looked so amused, like he forgot he was part of the losing movie's team, and instead thought he was watching from home in his PJs like the rest of us.

Gosling explained his thought process this week during a talk with Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. As he put it, his laughter was more in relief than amusement.

"What really was happening as I was watching, it was surreal anyway, I was watching people start to have this panicked reaction in the crowd and guys were coming on with headsets and I felt like someone had been hurt. I thought there was some kind of medical situation, and I had this worst-case scenario playing out in my head. And then I just heard 'Moonlight' won and I was so relieved that I started laughing."

Yes, it is very Hollywood to get so melodramatic over an award that a reasonable person might think there was an actual crisis, like a heart attack.

The Gos was not even slightly upset about "La La Land" losing Best Picture:

"Truthfully, I was also so thrilled that Moonlight won. I know the director [Barry Jenkins] ... I've worked with them before. It's such a groundbreaking film, made for a million dollars, and incredible achievement and I'm so happy for them that they were being recognized."

And he was used to losing at that point, since he lost Best Actor to Casey Affleck. But it's not like "La La Land" went home empty-handed. Damien Chazelle won Best Director, Emma Stone won Best Actress, and the film won awards for cinematography, music score, and production design. Plus, Gosling won himself a few more memes, making him some kind of unofficial lifetime champion.

Read People's full post for his reaction to his cereal meme, among other things.

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