Great Scott, this might've been the best prank of April Fools' Day 2017. Rebel Wilson pulled a quality stunt on the set of "Pitch Perfect 3," but Paul Feig's meta-trolling of his "Ghostbusters" haters was just next-level perfect.

Here's the director announcing his new project:

The reactions! People hoping it's not true, hoping it is true, pretty sure it's not true, but it sounds like it could be true, so they don't know. (Funny how people only really question news announcements on April 1st.)

Actor Chris O'Dowd took the baton from there, announcing he'd play the newly male version of Mom Lorraine McFly:

Some fans started thinking fourth-dimensionally about the whole thing, dream casting the fake "Back to the Future" reboot with Kate McKinnon as Doc Brown and Melissa McCarthy as a female Biff, among others. Hey, we'd watch the heavy heck out of it.

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