Raise a glass of raspberry cordial, because Netflix's official "Anne" trailer is here.

The "Anne of Green Gables" adaptation hits the streamer in May, so Netflix unveiled a new preview on Tuesday. The trailer introduces us to Anne (with an "e," of course), the spirited and imaginative heroine of the classic L.M. Montgomery books.

We get all of the basics of the story: Orphan Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty) is mistakenly sent to live with the aging Cuthbert siblings, Matthew (R. H. Thomson) and Marilla (Geraldine James), who had wanted a boy to help out on their farm. When they get Anne instead, they mean to send her back, but she ends up working her way into their hearts and home. The series follows that journey, along with her adjustment to Green Gables, including her budding friendship with Diana Barry (Dalila Bela) and rivalry with Gilbert Blythe (Lucas Jade Zumann).

Based on what we've seen so far, the show looks like it'll be as heart-warming as the book series.As Anne says, "it's so easy to love Green Gables, isn't it?"

The series premieres May 12 on Netflix.