Welcome to more tapes — "13 Reasons Why" is on the verge of getting a second season on Netflix.

Deadline reports that the streaming service is close to ordering Season 2 of the adaptation of Jay Asher's bestselling YA novel. And the Hollywood Reporter says that a writers room was opened a few weeks ago. Another sign that Season 2 is happening? Ross Butler, who plays Ross Butler on "13 Reasons Why," dropped out of his other acting gig on The CW's "Riverdale" due to scheduling conflicts.

"13 Reasons Why" received mostly positive reviews and has been trending on social media since its debut. The show starred Dylan Minnette as a high school teen reeling from the suicide of a friend, Hannah (Katherine Langford). He receives a box of tapes she recorded before her death, with each tape explaining how 13 people were responsible for her death.

While the show has been praised for its spotlight on bullying and sexual assault, it has also been criticized for its graphic depiction of suicide.

It's unclear how the premise of "13 Reasons Why" will be extended into a second season. All of Hannah's tapes were played, so that structure can't be continued. Season 2 could focus on the aftermath of the tapes being revealed to her parents — the lawsuit they brought against the school, or a rape trial for Bryce. Alternatively, the second season could explore Alex's suicide attempt or the hint that Tyler is planning a school shooting.