Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar winner Today" that she's focused more on her Goop lifestyle brand than acting.

She told him, "I had an incredible acting career, but I had this deep passion to produce content and make great products and curate things. It sort of evolved slowly and had a long gestational period and now it's like, a real business."

Picking up on that "had," Lauer asked if she was done acting. She said she'd do "do a little bit here and there," but her priority is Goop. She was recently named CEO of the brand that she founded in 2008 and says she spends all day in the office guiding her team of 85 people.

So it's all vagina eggs, crystal therapy and ridiculously overpriced tchotchkes from now on for Gwyneth. Got it.

But please note that at her recent Goop wellness summit, she drew the line at leech facials, saying, "I thought I was bat***t crazy," over the practice endorsed by model Miranda Kerr.

[Via The Wrap]