Disney's D23 EXPO 2017You know who wouldn't like the Hulk when he's angry? Universal.

Mark Ruffalo just explained why he'll never get his own solo movie as Bruce Banner/The Hulk, taking a shot at Universal Studios for stealing the fun away from Marvel.

Ruffalo joined the Marvel crew at Disney's D23 Expo, where they debuted cool new stuff from "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Thor: Ragnarok," both featuring The Hulk. Ruffalo and fellow "Avengers" star Don Cheadle (Rhodey) talked to Variety about what's ahead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- and what's not.

Mark Ruffalo: "I just want to make one thing perfectly clear today, a standalone Hulk movie will never happen, because Universal has the rights to the standalone Hulk movie and for some reason, they don't know how to play well with Marvel -- and they don't want to make money."

Don Cheadle: "And with you as the new Hulk, it would be terrible. So that's really probably the reason. 'Cause you know that these corporations would work it out if they thought they'd make enough money. So it's clearly about who's playing Hulk."

Ruffalo laughed, but said he's probably got just two or three more years before he's too old to play the Hulk. (He's 49 now.) Cheadle joked that he's too old now. But hey, Robert Downey Jr. will always be older! Long story short, Ruffalo said he just "doesn't see it in the cards" to do a Hulk standalone movie.

That said, Marvel boss Kevin Feige told Variety he has a "strict never say never policy," but added that Ruffalo is correct that "there are no plans" for a standalone Hulk. He's excited to focus on pairing Hulk with other characters, including Thor in "Ragnarok," which opens November 3.

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