Marvel Studios Hall H PanelNo one is more excited for "Captain Marvel" than Carol Danvers herself.

Oscar winner Brie Larson has the title role of Marvel's movie, opening in 2019, and during San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel boss Kevin Feige shared news on the movie's time period and villains.

"Captain Marvel" will take place in the early 1990s, an era before the modern Avengers, including the first "Iron Man." Samuel L. Jackson was already revealed to be in "Captain Marvel" but now we know his Nick Fury won't have an eye patch, 'cause both eyes will be working at this point in time. Also, it was revealed that the villains will be the Skrulls, an intergalactic race known for shapeshifting, which has made them formidable adversaries for Marvel's heroes.

Brie Larson reacted by tweeting out updates from Comic-Con, showing she's has into all of this as her fans:

Yes, bring it on! It remains to be seen how they'll explain where Captain Marvel has been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, but that's something to look forward to. "Captain Marvel" opens March 8, 2019. FYI, that's two months before "Avengers 4" opens.

[h/t Collider]

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