Let the lies continue.

HBO hasn't officially ordered a second season of "Big Little Lies," but the premium network is getting our hopes up. HBO's president of programming, Casey Bloys, opened up about the possibility in a recent interview with Deadline, and he painted a promising picture despite the fact that the series has already covered the highlights of the single book it was based on.

"I'm hopeful because Lianne Moriarty, the book author, is thinking about it," he told the publication of a potential Season 2. "These characters have lives past the book as written, so we'll see."

Moriarty feels the same way. In April, shortly after the finale, the author told the Sydney Morning Herald that she was "absolutely open" to revisiting her characters for the sake of show story lines. After giving it some thought, she said she realized "there's definitely places you can go" beyond what was covered in the initial seven episodes.

That's an idea with which at least some of the series' stars evidently agree; Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman both seem ready to return. In fact, it sounds like all of the ingredients HBO needs are falling into place. Can we please just get the official Season 2 confirmation now?

[via: Deadline]