NBC's "73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards" - ShowJennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are nailing coy when it comes to their joint film project.

The world has been waiting for the duo's movie ever since they revealed in 2015 they had written it, but they've only given us a handful tidbits so far. Fortunately, Lawrence recently revealed a few more, sharing new information in an interview with Vogue.

When asked about the plot, she revealed that we can expect "dysfunctional twins." Although we already knew their characters are sisters, the idea of them as twins -- and particularly dysfunctional ones -- is even more intriguing. Lawrence previously told ET that her character is a "mess," especially compared to Schumer character, so it's not hard to imagine them having a strange dynamic.

The film is going to be funny, of course, but you might need to pack tissues, as well. Lawrence indicated to Vogue that the story will be sad before it gets to the really hilarious stuff. While Schumer is primarily known for comedic work, Lawrence isn't worried about her co-star and co-writer handling all parts of the performance spectrum.

"She's the funniest person I've ever met," Lawrence told Vogue of Schumer. "She's also an amazing dramatic actress, which I want to bring out."

They're currently looking for a director for the film, so we still have a wait ahead of us before it makes its way to theaters. Don't worry, though; it sounds like our patience will be rewarded.

[via: Vogue]