"Big Brother 19" is now over, but fans will be debating that ending for a long time to come.

It came down to Paul Abrahamian vs. Josh Martinezas expected, but when Josh won the Final HoH and took Paul to Final 2 -- it looked like Paul would win. Maybe even easily. But nope! Paul lost by one vote, once again, after the same thing happened to him last year.

Paul talked to Dr. Will after Josh's 5-4 win, and the BB18 vet thought he did nothing wrong and wouldn't change a thing.

The jury felt otherwise. They did not appreciate being "stabbed in the back" as opposed to "stabbed in the front," as Alex Ow put it, with Paul continuing to lie in his goodbye messages (unlike Josh) and failing to own up to his manipulations in his finale speech.

"Big Brother" host Julie Chen talked to Entertainment Weekly after the finale, answering whether she thought the jury made the right decision:

"I think the jury made the wrong choice. Paul was robbed. But Josh was no slouch. He won competitions, had a conscience and didn't mislead people in the same slick way that Paul did. [...] More than stunned, I think Paul was embarrassed and upset. But more embarrassed than anything. You could feel his frustration with himself for miscalculating how the jury would ultimately vote. He should have shown more remorse in his final plea to the jury. And he shouldn't have been making faces during Josh's speech to the jury."

Paul can't help being Paul.

EW also asked Julie about Cody Nickson winning America's Favorite Houseguest/Player. To EW, it was surprising, since Cody was out of the house pretty early -- twice -- and was the first juror. Here's Julie's response:

"Cody not only won America's Favorite Houseguest, but he won by A LOT! Wow. I guess people responded to him suddenly being the underdog and being persona non grata in the house. He was also not a phony. He was straightforward with people — if he didn't like you, he told you to your face... for better or worse. People responded to his honesty if you will."

From here, it looked like Kevin Schlehuber might have the AFP edge, since he's the kind of guy BB fans tend to go for. But Jessica Graf rallied the BB realm for Cody, and other fans just really wanted to send a message to Paul and his minions. Cody was the only one only who tried to get Paul out all season. He was rewarded $25,000 for that -- and he earned it.

And it looks like he has a chance to earn more?

Next up is the "Big Brother: Celebrity" edition this winter, then "Big Brother 20" next summer. For that kind of milestone, CBS may want to go big and finally do another All-Stars season. What they should not do is ever cast just one vet for another season. Jason Roy and Paul Abrahamian could certainly tell you why.

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