EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live at the Barker Hangar - InsideThe NFL may finally have forgiven Justin Timberlake for his role in Nipplegate.

It was the wardrobe malfunction seen 'round the world: In February 2004, Timberlake and fellow pop star Janet Jackson took the stage together for the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show, and in front of 140 million viewers, he exposed her breast when he tore away part of her costume. Although he claimed it was an accident, it didn't exactly endear Timberlake to the NFL. The league faced backlash after the incident, both from the public and the FCC.

Now, almost 14 years later, the NFL seems to be ready to give the Grammy winner a second chance. Timberlake is a front-runner to perform during Super Bowl LII, according to Variety. While nothing is confirmed, the publication's sources indicate that he is in contention and the timing would be ideal for promoting his next album. He'll reportedly drop the album in early 2018, while Super Bowl LII is set for Feb. 3.

Assuming Timberlake lands the gig, he'll likely have to be extremely careful with his second chance. Although the halftime show's audience hasn't been as big in recent years as it was in 2004, we wouldn't expect the NFL to look to kindly on any other non-family-friendly incidents.

[via: Variety]