Holy Batfleck replacement rumors, Batman!

Warner Bros. has slammed a "categorically false" tabloid story suggesting Christian Bale was offered $100 million to return as The Caped Crusader.

The story in OK! quotes an unnamed "insider" who said "The Dark Knight" star was previously approached about playing Batman again a few years ago and turned it down. "Now they're making it virtually impossible for him to say no. A lot of names have been thrown around, but nobody else has been offered this kind of cash."

But it should be pretty easy to say no if it didn't happen. A spokesman for Warner Bros. told Gossip Cop the magazine's entire story was "categorically false." (Besides, Christian Bale isn't exactly ready to fit back in the Batsuit any time soon.)

Batman replacement rumors have been running rampant lately, after the general disappointment of "Justice League" and Ben Affleck saying he was looking for a graceful way to exit. Jake Gyllenhaal's name just got thrown in the mix for Matt Reeves' "The Batman" standalone movie, and we're OK with that idea.

Even though Christian Bale would almost certainly never even entertain the idea of returning as Batman, you can't blame anyone who wishes he would. His "Dark Knight" trilogy with director Christopher Nolan was a commercial and critical success. Maybe the next rumor will be that the studio offered Nolan two hundred meeellliion dollars to return.

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