Forget Netflix and chill: One TV fan decided to Netflix and propose instead, and even got the streaming service -- and the stars of his girlfriend's favorite show -- to help him plan the perfect way to pop the question.

Netflix shared a sweet video on social media this week featuring the story of Conor and Kamela, a couple that's been together for about six years. Conor decided he was finally ready to ask Kamela to marry him, and reached out to Netflix for some assistance.

Using the ruse that they were being filmed for a reality show, Conor convinced Kamela to sit down and watch her favorite Netflix series, "Santa Clarita Diet." Instead of seeing a regular episode, though, the pair were greeted by stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant -- in character as married cannibal couple Sheila and Joel -- being interviewed by someone who turned out to be Conor, who then popped into the frame to prompt his real life counterpart to ask Kamela a very important question of his own.

Obviously, Kamela said yes. (And was pretty delighted to hear Barrymore say her name.) Congrats to the happy couple, and here's to many more years of blissful binge watching together.

[via: Netflix/Twitter]