When "Game of Thrones" Season 8 finally premieres, Ben Crompton thinks we are going to like what we see.

The cast still hasn't finished shooting the hit HBO drama's final season, but Crompton, who plays Night's Watch steward Edd, spoke to Metro and shared that he thinks it will be "very satisfying." He acknowledged that, no matter what, there are bound to be fans with their own opinions about how the show should have ended, but he expects most to enjoy it.

"I'd be surprised if people are disappointed because there's a lot of effort and love gone into this, and I think it's very satisfying," he said.

Crompton spoke more on that hard work, highlighting how long they're spending on Season 8 in spite of the fact that the chapter will be shorter than all of its predecessors.

"Even though there's only six episodes, there's a lot to shoot because it's the last one," he said. "We're going out with a bang."

Unfortunately, Compton didn't say how much of him we'll see in Season 8 or what lies ahead for Edd. His role wasn't huge in Season 7, but the actor feels fortunate to have made it so deep into the series. As Crompton pointed out, "Game of Thrones" is a series "where characters get killed off so regularly"; just surviving from Season 2 through Season 7, as Edd did, is quite a feat.

We'll see the remaining characters continue to battle for power and try to survive White Walkers when "Game of Thrones" Season 8 premieres, likely in 2019.