This is just heartbreaking.

Comedian "Catastrophe," alongside Sharon Horgan. In real life, he's married with three sons. Sadly, one of those sons -- 2.5-year-old Henry -- passed away last month from brain cancer.

Delaney revealed the tragic news in a Facebook post. He also suggested ways fans in the United Kingdom (where he's based) can help other families with sick children:

Ugh. It's just so horrible to even imagine, and many families don't have to imagine. Famous and non-famous friends and fans immediately reached out to Delaney on social media to share their love and support. There's not much anyone can say to ease the family's pain, but donating and volunteering may eventually help end children's suffering.

Delaney responded to a cab driver who reached out with a sweet memory of Henry:

Sadly, the "Catastrophe" family is no stranger to sudden loss. It's not quite the same, but the late Carrie Fisher earned a posthumous Emmy nomination for her role on Amazon's "Catastrophe" Season 3. It was the last role she ever filmed; she suffered a heart attack in December 2016 on her way home to Los Angeles from the London set.

Our condolences to Rob Delaney and his family.

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