The Olympic spirit is all about building understanding, and Katie Couric's recent speed skating slip surprisingly led to just that.

While in PyeongChang, South Korea, for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Couric shared an incorrect bit of trivia while covering speed skating for NBC. She told viewers that the Netherlands' strength in the sport comes from its citizens skating on the frozen canals during the cold months. In short order, people began correcting her on Twitter, some heartily mocking the idea.

Even the country's embassy in the United States weighed in, albeit in a less cutting manner. The embassy tweeted that it wanted to "break the ice" and invited her to visit the Netherlands to show her "all the innovative ways the Dutch get around" other than on skates.

Couric soon realized she was "on thin ice," as she indicated in her equally punny response via Twitter. She apologized and congratulated the Netherlands on their Olympic success.

Fortunately, the embassy was all too happy to "let it slide" and wrote that her apology was accepted.

That's gold medal problem-solving with puns right there, folks.