"Roswell," but had things gone differently, it could have been "Dawson's Creek."

Now that the classic WB teen drama has reached its 20th anniversary, the cast and creator Kevin Williamson have been celebrating. They spoke recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly, and Williamson had some intriguing "Dawson's Creek" history gems to share, particularly in regard to casting. It turns out Heigl was in serious consideration to take the role of Jen before it ultimately went to Michelle Williams.

Steve Miner, who directed the pilot episode, had previously worked with Heigl on the film "My Father the Hero," so he had her audition for a part. She did, and it was "a great audition," according to Williamson.

"I remember we were all sort of like, 'Wow, she's good,'" he said.

He didn't lay out exactly what made them cast Williams over Heigl, but he did say that Williams "came across as an angel," which apparently fit what they wanted.

It all worked out for Heigl in the end, of course. She played Isabel on "Roswell" for multiple seasons and later had enormous success as Izzie on "Grey's Anatomy." Her list of film credits includes "Knocked Up," "Unforgettable," and more, and she has recently joined "Suits" as a series regular.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]