Domino has a new look in "Deadpool 2," and it will only make her stronger.

Zazie Beetz opened up to Vogue recently about joining the "merc with a mouth," including her expectations after landing her role as the lucky mutant antihero. Given that Domino has extremely straight hair in the Marvel comic books, Beetz was ready to change her locks during filming. Much to her surprise, though, she didn't have to: Both director David Leitch and producer-slash-star Ryan Reynolds wanted her to keep her hair natural.

"For David and Ryan, my hair being bold and strong helps Domino come across as bold and strong," Beetz told Vogue.

Still, Beetz was "shocked." In the past, she's met with casting directors who wanted her to conform to more traditional (read: Western) beauty standards by straightening her hair. In being able to opt for a natural look, she helps change that. Furthermore, other women with hair like hers get to see themselves represented on screen.

With "Deadpool 2," Beetz should have the power to reach a huge audience. Its predecessor, "Deadpool," was a much bigger box office hit than predicted in 2016, bringing in more than $783.1 billion worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. That was in spite of its R-rating.

"Deadpool 2" opens May 18.

[via: Vogue]