Utah Jazz player Joe Ingles is having a breakout performance in the NBA playoffs, but that's not the only thing that has fans talking this week.

During the Jazz's lopsided victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night, Ingles posted some huge numbers, scoring 20 of his team's 113 points. The basketball star's dominant play caused a stir on social media, which also led multiple commentators to point out The Office."

Of course, this led to many, many comments about Ingles moonlighting as Toby Flenderson (played by producer and writer Paul Lieberstein on the longrunning NBC series). Apparently this has been a running joke for many years, but everyone knows that Ingles has the privilege of being a rich and famous professional athlete, while sad sack Toby is just an awkward, much-maligned HR rep (and possibly the Scranton Strangler).

Maybe if the Jazz win an NBA championship, Ingles can get a big screen biopic starring Lieberstein. (Hey, it may just work out for another fellow athlete and NBC sitcom star doppelganger.) Our only requirement: It has to somehow involve yet another altheltic "Office" lookalike.

[via: Twitter Moments]