Arrested Development."

Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) also said he reached out personally to Jessica Walter to apologize for minimizing her pain in the cast's recent New York Times interview.

Tambor, 73, and Walter, 77, play the Bluth parents on the Netflix series; Tambor previously admitted to -- and apologized for -- verbally abusing Walter in a particularly unpleasant "blowout."

The New York Times brought it up again in a new interview with the cast promoting Season 5, in relation to the other allegations against Jeffrey Tambor that led to his "Transparent" firing.

It's clear that the male cast members in attendance were very much interested in defending Jeffrey Tambor and minimizing what happened in the past. Jessica Walter said she was trying to get over her anger at Jeffrey Tambor so they could be friends again. However, it was obvious that what happened -- at least to her -- was not nothing.

The NY Times interviewer mentioned at one point that Jessica Walter was speaking through tears, recalling the worst someone had yelled at her in her 60-year career.

You could tell it frustrated her when the guys joked away and rationalized Tambor's behavior, dominating the conversation and making it about themselves and their support for Tambor. Alia Shawkat (Maeby) is the only one who spoke up against verbal abuse, which was noted by readers. She, too, seemed to be ignored.

Walter made it clear that Tambor never sexually harassed her, but Tambor has admitted he can be "difficult," and he acknowledged he went too far in his on-set anger with Walter.

Here's New York Times writer Sopan Deb with the story, and reaction from readers, followed by Bateman's apology:

Since Jason Bateman was the one doing the most to elevate Tambor at Walter's expense, he was the first to apologize:

Tony Hale tweeted that he apologized directly to Jessica Walter:

"Arrested Development" Season 5 drops its first batch of episodes this coming Tuesday, May 29 on Netflix.

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