Confirming the reports that the set of Fox series "Lethal Weapon" was not a happy one, ex-costars Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans heatedly trade insults in a just-released (and heavily bleeped) video.

In the first clip we hear (but don't see) Crawford calling Wayans a "p***y" and a "crybaby," and saying the only reason the older actor ever gets work is because of his more famous brothers. Ouch.

Things got so bad, Pinkerton security guards were present on set at all times to ensure that disagreements would not deteriorate into physical violence, Variety reports.

Another clip captures Crawford losing his temper during a scene that was being shot at a public pool. The set was supposed to be closed and the actor went on an f-bomb-laden rant about the background noise. Crawford's yelling at a group of children (who were not involved in the production) resulted in an assistant director waking off the set and resigning on the spot.

Despite apologizing for his bad behavior, Crawford was fired from the series: He'll be replaced by Seann William Scott, who'll be playing a new character.

Warner Bros. has also dismissed a number of crew members were still loyal to Crawford.

Watch the video here. The uncensored version is also up at Variety:

[Via Variety]