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Mr. Stark, Netflix doesn't feel so good.

The End is nigh for Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm movies on Netflix. We knew this was coming a year ago when Disney's new streaming service was announced. It wasn't clear when the move would go into effect, but now we know a bit more.

The New York Times recently reported on Disney's new service, which will launch late next year. As to when your favorite titles under the vast Disney brand will exit stage Netflix, here's that update from the Times:
"To make the Disney-branded service as robust as possible, Disney will allow a lucrative licensing deal with Netflix to expire. Starting with 'Captain Marvel' in March, all of the films that Walt Disney Studios releases in theaters will subsequently flow to the Disney streaming platform instead of to Netflix. (There are 'no current plans' to move Marvel-themed television shows off Netflix, a Disney spokeswoman said.) Disney has also tried to buy back rights to old “Star Wars' films from Turner Broadcasting, Bloomberg reported last week."

So the Netflix/Marvel shows like "Luke Cage," "Jessica Jones," etc. are staying put. But Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and "Star Wars" movies won't be added past "Captain Marvel." That means "Ant-Man and the Wasp" should be the last new MCU movie to hit Netflix.

"Captain Marvel" is the first of three MCU movies scheduled for release in 2019. It arrives March 8th, 2019, followed by "Avengers 4" in May (for now), and then "Spider-Man: Far From Home" in July.

It's good timing to punch Netflix right in the gut, since those are three highly anticipated movies -- especially "Avengers 4." And that's in addition to Disney's own highly anticipated films, like the live-action "The Lion King," which opens in theaters in July.

The New York Times added that National Geographic programming, which is part of the 21st Century Fox acquisition, will probably be offered on the Disney streaming service.
"Disney has not decided whether family films from the Fox library ('Home Alone,' 'Ice Age') will be included. Fox’s rowdy animated shows, including “The Simpsons,' are expected to remain on Hulu."

There's a heap of brand new content planned for Disney's streaming service, including a live-action "Star Wars" series from Jon Favreau, at least nine movies (like a live-action "Lady and the Tramp" with Justin Theroux), series spinoffs of "High School Musical," and "Monsters, Inc; a new "Muppets" series; and more Marvel and Star Wars-themed shows.

Disney is certainly maximizing its brand. It does remain to be seen how many subscription services people are willing to pay for, between Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, this Disney thing, and whatever else you might have -- HBO Go, Acorn, etc. And that's in addition to cable, if you're not a cord-cutter.

We're still waiting for more specifics on the streaming service, but last November Disney CEO Bob Iger said the cost "will be substantially below Netflix because we'll have substantially less volume."

[Via: ComicBook.com]

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