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"Hellboy" is cooling his heels.

Summit Entertainment announced that its reboot of the "Hellboy" franchise starring David Harbour has been delayed a few months, from January 11, 2019 to a new release date of April 12, 2019.

That means it'll compete directly against Robert Downey Jr.'s "The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle" and open just a week after the DC superhero movie "Shazam."

Neil Marshall will direct a script from the comics creator Mike Mignola. Harbour plays the titular, angsty character, while Milla Jovovich is the main villain. Ian McShane plays Professor Bloom and Daniel Dae Kim rounds out the caset as Major Ben Daimio.

Harbour talked earlier this year about how his take on the character will be different from Ron Perlman, who played Hellboy in the 2004 movie and 2008 sequel.

"There’s a different approach because I sort of highlight different things, I think, than Ron does," he said. "Ron sort of embraces this machismo in himself and in Hellboy, and I really like it and it’s super fun and it’s a super fun performance, but I think Hellboy has a certain psycho dynamic where occasionally he has to prove that he’s the lion, has to roar, and I think he struggles with his own masculinity."