David Fincher and "Deadpool" director Tim Miller are teaming up for a new animated anthology series called "Love, Death and Robots" for Netflix. And (no surprise), it won't be for kids.

On Twitter, Netflix teased what we'll see including: Werewolf soldiers! Robots Gone Wild! Alien Spiders! And Blood-Thirsty Demons From Hell!

Sounds good to us!

The series is planned as an anthology collection of 18 episodes, ranging from 5-15 minutes. "Some are comedies. Some are tragedies. All of them are incredibly demented and definitely unlike most animation out there," Netflix promises.

Each episode will have a different director working in varying  styles of animation: "everything from 2D to photorealistic 3D CGI." It's expected to span genres including fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. Fincher and Miller will be executive producers. It's not clear if they'll be directing any of the episodes.


Fincher's other Netflix project, "Mindhunter," returns for Season 2 later this year. Fincher will return to direct new eps and he recruited new directors Andrew Dominik and Carl Franklin.

Miller  is working on the latest reboot of the "Terminator" series. So all killer robots for him all the time.

[Via IndieWire]