The final episodes of "Game of Thrones" are going into overtime.

When Season 8, the final season of the HBO fantasy drama, premieres in April, just six episodes will conclude the song of ice and fire. But HBO has teased that those episodes will be longer than usual, more like mini-movies.

Now, a report is circulating with alleged runtimes of those episodes. But take it with a (huge) grain of Iron Islands salt.

The French TV network Orange Cinéma Séries gave a presentation about the upcoming season that included the episodes' lengths, according to Premiere magazine.

If you don't read French, the tweet says that the first two episodes of Season 8 are 60 minutes each, and the final four episodes are 80 minutes each.

But these are not the official, exact runtimes. As Premiere notes, "The exact length of each episode has yet to be announced by HBO, OCS just gave us a more precise idea."

Still, if those figures are somewhat close, the final four episodes will be among the longest in the show's history. Season 7's finale, "The Dragon and the Wolf," ran for 80 minutes.

"Game of Thrones" Season 8 premieres April 14.