Imperial War Museums:

There are still untold stories of World War II, including Operation Raspberry, in which a retired naval captain and eight young women helped turn the tide of the war.

The upcoming non-fiction book, "A Game of Birds and Wolves," by Simon Parkin, which sounds a bit  like "The Imitation Game" and "The Bletchley Circle," details this previously unknown operation.

Per the Amazon synopsis, it captures a key moment when  Admiral Sir Max Horton (pictured in the IWM photo above) found he was losing a wartime game with toy battleships to a "fresh-faced seventeen-year-old woman."

The film "tells the story of the unlikely heroes of the Western Approaches Tactical Unit - a retired naval captain and eight young women - whose eureka moment cracked the battle of the Atlantic."

The book has been acquired by Amblin Partners DreamWorks Pictures, the same folks behind "Saving Private Ryan." It seems a bit of a long shot Steven Spielberg, who won a Best Director (but not Best Picture) Oscar for his war-time epic, will be directing himself.

Vicky Jones ("Killing Eve") has been tapped to write the adaptation.

The book is being released on November 11 in the U.K. by Spectre.

[Via THR]