Dude, are you tripping ... or has a secret code suddenly unlocked the sleeper agent inside you?!

That's what happens to Jesse Eisenberg in the new trailer for "American Ultra." He's basically a stoner Jason Bourne, a slacker who works as at a convenience store until a code phrase activates Then, he kills two operatives with a spoon — a spoon! — and he and his girlfriend (Kristen Stewart) find themselves on the run from shadowy government types. If weed can make you paranoid, it's nothing to realizing you can kill someone by ricocheting a gun shot from a a cast iron pan.

The trailer looks like a lot of fun, and "Adventureland" co-stars Eisenberg and Stewart exhibit the same loose, easy chemistry they did in that movie. Plus, there are appearances by John Leguizamo, Topher Grace, Tony Hale, and Connie Britton. Count us in for a few tokes.

"American Ultra" opens Aug. 21.

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