A "MacGruber" series might be coming to a streaming service near you soon. With the entire cast returning.

Lonely Island member and former "SNL" writer Jorma Taccone told The Daily Beast that he's been "aggressively" pitching a television series to streaming networks.

"We just spent the last two days pitching it as a series," said Taccone. "Eight-to-ten episodes. I'm really hoping that when you print this there’s an announcement that it’s actually happening, because I know nothing right now. This is the first time I've mentioned it, so this may be a tragic interview.” (So far no, confirmation of a pick-up.)

The  2010 comedy (which began as an "SNL" sketch) was a send-up of '80s series "MacGyver," with wigs straight out of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video. It was a flop when it was released, but it's since become a cult classic. Taccone hopes the time is right to bring it back.

Hell, everything is coming back. Hollywood is like one big pet sematary right now. Why not?

Taccone says that the entire cast -- Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Val Kilmer, Ryan Phillippe, and Maya Rudolph -- are set to return. "It’s everyone. Val was blown up pretty badly, he’ll have half a head," jokes Taccone.

(Of course, there's no bringing back Powers Boothe: The "Deadwood" actor, who played Colonel Faith in the movie, passed away in 2017.)

"What’s nice is that, when you make something that had the heartbreak of not doing so well financially… I would feel terrible if the people involved were embarrassed about it, but Ryan loves that s**t, Kristen loves that s**t, all the people involved are so psyched.”

"We’ve had so many ideas over the years, from the moment we stopped filming. I just love this character so much," said Taccone.

[Via The Daily Beast]