Curtis Holt is about to show "Arrow" fans just how terrific he can be, promises actor Echo Kellum.

It took just about the entire fourth season of The CW's superhero series to see Kellum's former Olympian-turned- super-genius-inventor go from being a standout employee of the Felicity-led Palmer Technologies to a fully integrated member of Team Arrow by the time the dust settled on the finale episode.

The character, as die-hard fans know, was derived from DC Comics' Mr. Terrific, a.k.a. Michael Holt, the peak-human-performance hero who took the mantle of the Golden Age character of the same name as well as his place in the Justice Society of America. On the show, viewers have seen a glimpse of Mr. Terrific's signature tech-tool, the T-Sphere, and heard his commitment to staying in and defending Starling City with his husband at his side.

So how much longer to we have to wait to see Curtis finally suit up in full superhero gear -- especially now that Kellum has been named a series regular for the upcoming fifth season? The actor strongly hints to Moviefone that -- assuming executive producer Marc Guggenheim is been listening to his persuasive pleas -- the long wait will finally be over.

Moviefone: You've got to be excited about next season; you know for sure you're going to be a big piece of it.

Echo Kellum: Yeah, I'm super pumped. I can't too get nitty-gritty with the team, you know?

What have they told you that you can put out there about how you're going to fit in?

I can't really say too much, outside of that it will be "terrific"! That it'll be a lot of cool things happening, and just buckle up and get ready for an awesome ride. They're really going for it this season, and I think they're going to bring a lot of cool elements that made the series so great. It's just going to be such a cool cast to work with, with all the new additions this season. I think it's going to be the best.

As soon as you got hired and found out who this guy was in the comics, were you like, "Where's my costume"?

Yes, yes. Second that! Where is my costume? Guggenheim, if you're listening, or reading, whatever: Where's my costume? No, I definitely want to suit up really bad. But I understand. It's this arc. You've got to build up to it. But I definitely hope -- and I believe, hopefully, within this season we should see Curtis Holt get there in some capacity. So I'm really looking forward to all that's happening.You've had time to dig into the comics and look at the Michael Holt iteration, and maybe the Golden Age iteration Terry Sloane as well. What fascinated you about this character and his legacy?

I think it's just his commitment to science. It was kind of fascinating to me that he kind of turned off every kind of religious spirituality aspect in his life and became an atheist. It was just like, "It's about this. This is how we forward humanity. This is how we figure out what the hell we're doing here." So it's just his undying, un-wilting basis of going to science.

That's something that's really fascinating about the character, because everything that we know and have as human beings is all predicated through science. So whether he's going through dimensions or whatnot, it's just really cool to see someone really delve into that. Because we need more scientists. We need more people helping forward humanity.

Would you like to do a good run on "Legends of Tomorrow" as well, if the opportunity was right?

Absolutely, yeah. Yeah, I'd definitely get on "Legends of Tomorrow." I'd be thankful to be on any of these shows, to be honest, because they're so well done and I'm a big nerd. So for me, it's just like a dream come true to even be a part of "Arrow," or any of it. To have a potential to be on the crossovers is, like, "Wow!" It's mind-boggling.

Let's get you a costume!

Let's do it!

"Arrow" Season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5th on The CW.